Made From Love LLC

Beard Wash


Clean Beards are a must

And what better way to achieve that than with our beard wash!

  1. Great for all beard types
  2. Aloe based and gentle for your face and beard alike
  3. Can stunt double as a shower gel
  4. Your beard will thank you!
  5. Non- drying and won’t strip your beard. 

Available in 5 scents

  • Spicy Cherry for the sweet & smoky side
  • Spicy Cuban for the alluring flare like the rhythm of cuban jazz 
  • Bourbon Sands for the crisp scent of B & B (Bourbon and Beaches)
  • Egyptian Dragon will bring the exotic side out 
  • Black Satin is smooth and cool with a clean finish
  • Natural Scent for all the benefits without the extras

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